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If you have recently heard noises in your walls or in your attic, the chances are you have a rodent problem. Mice are coming into your home through small cracks and openings that you are not aware of. Flying squirrels can get into your attic through openings in soffits and roof vents.

Let our professionals inspect your home today and get rid of the rodents and the noises. Schedule your inspection today!

Bed Bugs

If you have recently stayed at a hotel or vacation rental, or traveled on a plane or train, you may have come in contact with bed bugs without even knowing it. If your children play friends that have recently went on vacation, they may have brought bed bugs back to your home.

The holidays are great for bed bug travel as well. Now is the time to get a Bed Bug Inspection so you can be sure they are not permanent visitors. Schedule your inspection today!

We Are The Experts In Wildlife Removal, Exclusion, & Management

Make the precision decision today and prevent wildlife from damaging your home!

Proud Family & Veteran Owned!

We are a proud veteran and family-owned predator removal business located in Honea Path, South Carolina. Our entire staff are veterans as well.

With over 20 years of combined experience, we specialize in removing any nuisance wildlife from your residential home or business and repair the damage caused by the intrusion. A professional repair will not only prevent future entry from nuisance wildlife entering. In addition, it will ensure the repair aesthetically matches the exterior of your home, looking like new.


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