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Boxelder bugs, while considered outdoor bugs, do infest homes, sheds and garages when searching for a place to shelter for the winter. They are attracted to homes with a lot of sun exposure and are not surrounded closely by other buildings. They find their way inside through cracks, gaps, voids and holes in the walls. They do like attics.

Outside, they feed on plants, maple, cherry, peach and plum trees.

During the winter, when they come inside, they can be a huge nuisance as their excretions can stain our household items.

To prevent them from entering your home or commercial business, start by sealing all cracks, gaps, holes and voids, especially around conduit and plumbing lines, beneath siding and under eaves. Also, replace torn screens along with sealing doors and windows.

Suppose these prevention methods work, fantastic! If not, and you find you have a boxelder infestation and need professional boxelder removal, please do not wait and reach out to Precision Predator Removal. We will be happy to help you.

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