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Have you seen any of Jiminy Crickets’ movies and TV shows? If so, you may have enjoyed them; however, it’s not quite the same as having little crickets around your home.

While crickets do not pose a direct threat to humans, their chorus of chirping sounds can be quite an annoyance. In addition, did you know that they can damage your young plants when they strip the soil of its vital nutrients? 

Crickets live on the sub-surfaces in our homes, lawns and gardens. They are predominantly active during the spring and fall and breed quickly in massive numbers. As there are many different species of crickets that look slightly different, most resemble elongated wasps and bees with a bit of a mix of cockroaches.

Crickets enter our homes through the tiniest openings. They reside under sinks, in closets, basements and crawl spaces. They like heat, so they tend to stay by water heaters, furnaces and hot water pipes. Once they bury themselves in small crevices and baseboards, it can be challenging to remove them.

As we mentioned, crickets like to eat plants and their roots therefore, if you suspect you have crickets either inside or outside, it is vital to contact a professional for removal. If not, while they strip the plants of their nutrients, the plants will inevitably die.

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Seeking advice and help from a professional cricket removal company is your best option. While there may be do-it-yourself remedies in the stores, they are not as effective as professional services. Let us keep your plants healthy and safe, and contact Precision Predator today. 

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