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Do even know what earwigs are? Many of us have no idea, and you are not alone. You found these tiny little insects and searched Google to see what they were. Well, now you think you have earwigs in your house of business. 

So, you ask yourself, “why do I have earwigs?”. The answer is simple. Earwigs seek dark places rich in moisture. Most often found beneath stones and under tree bark, they can also be found under floorboards, in narrow cracks in the foundation and in other small spaces around the building’s structure.

Dark and damp basements with many cracks in the foundation provide the perfect place for earwigs. Refuse and garbage, as well as leaf piles, mulched areas, and vegetation, also attract them. They feed on spiders, dead insects, vegetable matter, aphids and other tiny invertebrates. 

Should I be worried about earwigs? They do not attack but will nip and discharge a yellowish-brown liquid with a foul odor. They can be beneficial as they aid in decomposing destructive insects, but unfortunately, they also feed on our vegetables, flowers, shrubs and ornamental plants. If an infestation occurs, earwigs can kill healthy plants.

Earwigs are challenging to get rid of as they release a pheromone in their feces that attracts more of them. Even if you get rid of one, many more may be on their way.

To successfully eradicate earwigs, you must contact a professional pest control service such as Precision Predator Removal.

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At Precision Predator Removal, we adhere to the safest and most effective and most efficient guidelines for removing earwigs. Our treatment begins with an initial intensive overview followed by the best treatment methods.

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