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In square miles, South Carolina is one of the smallest states in the US. But, with a little over 32,000 square miles, it still has its fair share of mosquitoes.

Many areas have a great potential to breed mosquitoes; farmlands, wetlands, stormwater facilities, sewer plants, commercial properties, and, let us not forget, home yards.

As mosquitoes can spread viruses, it is highly recommended to control your outdoor spaces with an integrated pest management plan. These individualized plans, created based on each space’s situation, will focus on multiple sources to prevent the spread of mosquitoes.

As mentioned, mosquitoes greatly influence human health, perhaps more significantly than many other insects. As they are a massive annoyance as their bites will itch, they also can spread deadly diseases like encephalitis, malaria and West Nile. You must know that these diseases are a health risk to humans and pets.

Let the Precision Predator Removal company keep your property free of mosquitoes while keeping yourself, your family, visitors and pets safe.

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At Precision Predator Removal, we want to protect you from these nasty little insects. Do not let them spoil the perfect backyard party, bite and cause itchiness and, in addition, the potential for something more serious.

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