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Do you know that if you have powder post beetles and do not realize it, their life cycle can take 2 to 5 years to complete? In the meantime, their larvae will eat the wood in your home for years.

Many of us know about termites and the damage they can do to our structural foundations, however, many of us are not aware or have not ever heard of powder post beetles.

These nasty pests are capable of leaving a wake of destruction, just like termites. Perhaps they come in second to them regarding damage, but we certainly do not want them around our homes and commercial buildings.

To simply explain, powder post beetles are wood-boring beetles that quickly infest our homes and commercial buildings.  They lay their eggs in our wood structures. When their larvae hatch from the eggs, it is fed upon the wood. A series of tunnels are created during the process.

When the larvae mature, they become adults, which can take 2 to five years. In the meantime, lots of destruction from eating the wood has happened.

Seeing the signs can be difficult. You will see a mixture of the larvae excrement mixed with wood particles that will emerge from their tunnel holes. the “frass,” which the mixture is called, can be fine or gritty.

Since detection is difficult, it is always best to consult with a professional powder post beetle pest control company to determine whether, in fact, it’s powder post beetles or something else. You always want to know you are getting the right treatment for your pest problems.

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