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Should I Worry About Bats In My Attic?

Should I Worry About Bats In My Attic

Bats In The Attic, Should You Worry?

Are you asking yourself, “are there bats in my attic?” If so, you are not alone. It happens quite often. So, here we discuss if it’s safe to live in a house with bats in the attic, what to do and how to have them removed.

When kept at a safe distance, bats can be excellent neighbors. Apart from repelling mosquitoes naturally, they also help pollinate plants and disperse seeds. But is it safe to live with bats in your attic?

Despite not always inhabiting indoor spaces, bats may seek shelter in some situations, for example, when they feel threatened or when they’ve just given birth. Likewise, they will seek shelter in your attic if an opening is next to your house. 

Bats in my attic? Keep reading as we discuss the dangers of allowing bats to live in your home.

Is It Safe To Live In A House With Bats In The Attic?

Yes, and No. Initially, having a bat get into your home and fly around is not generally dangerous. This is because the risk of being bitten or attacked is low. 

However, when they enter attics and begin to multiply, the dangers increase.

A common complaint concerning bats is the damage that is done to the attic. In particular, the electrical system suffers the consequences of visiting bats. Moreover, bats remove insulation, wood, and other similar building materials and leave behind oil marks from their bodies.

The urine and feces of these animals can produce significant damage to the insulation and wooden building materials. In addition, inhaling and touching bat feces, otherwise known as bat guano, can be a health hazard to those who come in contact with it.

Bats also can create an extremely unpleasant odor that can permeate the walls and spread throughout the residence. 

What To Do If You Find A Bat In Your Attic?

Due to the health hazards, you must never attempt removing the bats yourself. Instead, it is vital to have a licensed bat removal expert take care of the situation.

Professionals like Precision Predator can safely remove the bats in your home, mitigating health and safety risks. 

The process can be involved and requires expert knowledge. You want to ensure the bats are humanely and safely removed and relocated.

Once removed, the proper bat exclusion methods must be put in place to prevent the bats from entering again.

Reputable bat removal will know the laws of your local, state, and federal jurisdictions before removing an endangered species.

When Can You Remove Bats In South Carolina?

April through August is the maternity season for bats. Disturbing them during this time should be avoided unless they cause property damage or pose a health and safety risk.

In South Carolina, It is best to exclude bats in March and April or in August, September, and October. Removing bats May through mid-July should be avoided if possible. Excluding them during this time can result in young flightless bats (called pups) trapped in the attic or other home areas.

Bats In My Attic? Leave The Worry To the Pros

Call the experts at Precision Predator today for humane and skilled bat removal services.