Precision Pest and Wildlife does not handle cats or dogs: Contact your Local Animal Control Authority for cats and dogs.



We are a proud veteran and family-owned predator removal business located in Honea Path, South Carolina. Our entire staff are veterans as well.

With over 20 years of combined experience, we specialize in removing any nuisance wildlife from your residential home or business and repair the damage caused by the intrusion. A professional repair will not only prevent future entry from nuisance wildlife entering. In addition, it will ensure the repair aesthetically matches the exterior of your home, looking like new.

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Jody was born and raised in South Carolina. He has served our country in the Army for the past 21 years. He underwent extensive training to become one of South Carolina’s top licensed and certified wildlife removal and exclusion experts. His ability to handle various types of animals as humanely as possible makes him the preferred wildlife removal company in the area.

Just because an animal is considered a nuisance does not mean it needs to be treated harshly. We treat all animals as humanely as we can, making sure they are removed safely and relocated where possible.

Our professional staff has been fully trained through National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA). This extensive training certifies all our operators on wildlife handling, disease, and exclusion.

Our professional wildlife technicians will remove your nuisance animal quickly and humanely as possible, then repair any damage caused by the intrusion.

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Stephanie Hoffer

Stephanie is an enthusiastic animal lover and activist. She works closely with the rehabbers in our state to ensure that all wildlife is cared for and handled humanely. Stephanie is skilled in animal behaviors and interacting with animals. She has been working with animals since she was a young girl on her family farm.

Stephanie is a certified wildlife control operator. She holds national certifications for working with bats, geese, birds, rodents, reptiles, and amphibians. If you call our office, you are likely to speak with Stephanie; she can answer any questions you may have! She divides her time between working in the field with the animals and handling paperwork in the office.

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Andy has a strong passion for the pest control and wildlife industry and has extensive experience in commercial and residential pest services. Holds certification from Purdue in Urban entomology, Green, Quality Pro and a degree in landscape and horticulture. He works closely with our customers to ensure their pest issues are resolved in a timely manner with a high quality service. He loves working with people! When he’s not controlling pests he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife Crystal and their 3 beautiful children; Liam, Caleb and Addy. 

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Hunter works mostly with the wildlife side of Precision Pest & Wildlife Solutions; he enjoys it because he has the opportunity to engage with various kinds of animals and keep them away from residential areas, retaining the balance between wildlife and customer’s homes.



Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Services For Anderson County, Greenwood County, Greenville County including Anderson, Seneca, Clemson, Simpsonville, Honea Path, Greenville, Easley, Taylors, Clinton, Greer, Laurens, Greenwood, Berea, Mauldin and all throughout Upstate South Carolina