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The first step to resolving your nuisance wildlife issue is to perform a thorough property inspection. This inspection provides the homeowner with a report indicating any possible gaps or openings where some animals could enter your home. During this inspection, the Precision Predator will also find any point of entry into your home.

This is the key to stopping any future animals from entering your home through the same location. Animals look for areas they know they can either squeeze through or alter by chewing and eventually creating a space to enter your home.

Once our trained professional wildlife technicians find the location where the animal entered your home or business, we can then determine which type of exclusion methods are needed and what type of repair(s) to the house or building are needed as well. We use only professional-grade materials which ensure long-lasting and sustaining results.

The proper exclusion techniques are essential for eliminating any future animal intrusion. 

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Exclusion And Repairs


Many wildlife and pest control companies do not exclude or repair the damage wildlife animals have caused because they are not experienced and qualified exclusion and repair professionals.

Our company is often called to fix an inferior repair because either the repair did not match the outside of the house, the repair did not hold, or another animal entered the premise.

To get peace of mind and be assured the problem has been solved, it is vital for any exclusion or repair services caused by a nuisance animal to be done by a trained, licensed and insured professional.

A DIY may seem to be more cost-effective, but in the end, it is quite the opposite. A botched exclusion can welcome the intruders back, health risks to both humans and pets can increase, and a repair done wrong will only promote more damage down the road.


If you have noises in your attic, do not wait to call us for an in-home inspection. We can locate the animal making the noise and remove them quickly. Any damage caused should be minimal if caught early. Many times, people wait and think the noise will go away or the animal has left on its own. This is not the case, especially with squirrels or bats.

Squirrels can cause significant damage to your home, and they are known to chew through electrical wires, causing a severe fire hazard to your home. Squirrels will also chew through many other materials in the home. If they are in your attic, they can cause significant damage over time. Bats carry several types of diseases that are harmful to humans. They are rabies, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, yersiniosis and external parasites.

So as soon as you suspect there might be a problem, do not wait. The sooner you get the issue fixed the better off you will be.

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