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Are you wondering what a feral hog is? It’s a wild pig.

Feral hogs are a growing problem in the United States. An estimated 6 million feral hogs cause billions of dollars worth of agricultural and property damage each year.

When they are in search of food, they will destroy and uproot lawns. When they are done, the grounds will look like a rototiller went through them.

Because of the large size, trapping needs to be done by a professional who has the know-how and a pen trap or large cage trap.

It is essential to know that wild pigs will generally be angry once they have been caught in a trap. Therefore a DIY is highly not recommended.

Many wild pigs have tusks, which makes their handling extremely dangerous, causing significant injury to those that are not experienced wild pig handlers.

Finding a feral hog in your yard can be quite shocking and scary. Never confront them as they are very unpredictable animals especially when they are confronted by someone. 

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Have you found a wild pig on your property?

They most likely were attracted by the smell of garbage.

Since they are wary of humans, they usually will leave the same way they came. But in case they do not, get in touch with the Precision Predator right away. But even if the wild pig wandered a bit, it’s important to contact us still to be safe and prevent possible damage if they return.

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