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Groundhogs (Marmota monax) are also referred to as woodchucks and whistle-pigs. They seem to be called whistle-pigs because of their highly social instincts and the loud whistles they do to communicate with other groundhogs, especially when they are alarmed.

Groundhogs have readily adapted and adjusted to our environments. These mammals are among the few that enter into true hibernation. They gouge themselves with food at the end of the summer and early fall to build up fat reserves. After the first frost, they retreat to underground burrows until they come out in the spring.

Groundhogs are compulsive consumers of plants and vegetables. They can destroy a vegetable garden, especially in the late summer and early fall when they eat to prepare for hibernation.

These little critters are considered rabies vector species. Therefore when removing them from a property, there are restrictions as to their new location. Consequently, it is vital to hire a groundhog removal company that will comply with municipal ordinances and state laws.

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As we have mentioned above groundhogs can be a host for rabies. Many of us think of these tiny little animals as just a nuisance, however, they can put us at risk. Below we list additional information about groundhogs and what they do.


  • Groundhogs are mainly active during the daylight hour.
  • When not feeding, they can be seen basking in the sun and dozing on rocks near the entrance of their burrows. 
  • They stay mainly on the ground; however, they can do climb trees and are excellent swimmers.
  • Primarily herbivorous, they eat grasses and vegetation and agricultural crops where available.
  • Groundhogs are born excavators that dig up and destroy lawns.
  • Their burrow systems have two or more entrances; however, the dirt mound is usually only at one entrance. They typically are well hidden, making them difficult to locate.
  • Groundhogs can cause extensive damage. They destroy gardens, gnaw at underground power cables, which can cause electrical outages and more.
  • On occasion, their burrows can weaken the foundation of a home.
  • Since groundhogs are hosts for rabies than can put humans and pets at risk.


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