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How To Get Rid of Beavers in South Carolina

How To Get Rid of Beavers in South Carolina

How To Get Rid of a Nuisance Beaver

Did you know that beavers exist in all 46 counties in South Carolina? They can weigh up to 90 pounds and be 3 feet in length. They are experts at building dams that stop or redirect water flow.

Beavers can be a nuisance for both home and business owners. Flooding caused by redirected water can cause property damage. They also carry diseases that can infect both people and pets.

So, how do you get rid of beavers in South Carolina? Depending on where they are, the right protocols need to be addressed.

Keep reading, and we’ll help you get rid of a nuisance beaver.

Where Are the Beavers Located?

Beaver removal always starts with locating the source of the beaver problem. Eliminating the source of the beavers can force them to leave the location.

Beaver dams are one of the most prominent signs of beaver habitation. Water trails, burrows, and riverbank shelters are also signs of beaver activity. Another sign is trees (both standing and fallen) that have teeth marks, especially around the base.

After following these clues to find the source of the beavers, you can ask yourself: How do I get rid of a nuisance beaver?

How To Get Rid Of Beavers In South Carolina, Beaver Dam

How Do You Get Rid of Beavers in South Carolina?

Trapping beavers and beaver removal is a delicate process. Beavers are large animals with strong teeth and jaws. Even though they are vegetarians, they will defend themselves.

Live Traps

Many people who try to remove beavers from their property use live traps because they don’t want to harm the animal. Clamshell traps work both in water and on land. These traps will close behind the beaver enabling you to get them out of the water.

You can load traps with food beavers enjoy, such as wood or water vegetation. However, a large number of traps will be needed because many beavers live in the same space.

Dismantling Beaver Nests

Beavers work fast, so you need to do it quickly if you want to dismantle a nest. Beavers can repair damage overnight, so continue dismantling the structure daily.

For both your safety and the safety of the animals, make sure there are no beavers inside the lodge. Removing nests will motivate beavers to change locations.

Take logs and sticks off the structure and put them through a wood chipper. This way, beavers can’t reuse the materials you’ve already removed.

How To Get Rid Of Beavers In South Carolina, Beaver Nest

What Can You Legally Do?

  • Use non-lethal wildlife removal methods such as fencing, wiring, repellents, water control devices and dam removal.
  • Humane trapping is crucial.
  • Contact a professional beaver removal company for help.

Contacting Beaver Removal Services

Trapping beavers can be a dangerous, labor-intensive activity. Contacting beaver removal services can guarantee a swift beaver removal. In addition, licensed experts will clearly understand state guidelines for animal removal.

Beaver removal services know how to capture and release beavers into new territory. In addition, they can take steps to prevent beavers from returning to their original habitat. These services can also help you take the steps needed to keep beavers off your property in the future.

Now You Know How to Get Rid of Beavers in South Carolina!

How do you get rid of beavers in South Carolina? Locate their nest, remove the beavers, and eliminate their dens. And contact a professional to get the job done right the first time and keep yourself safe.

Our team of experts at Precision Predator Removal uses science to inform how we remove critters from your property. We want to help wildlife communities thrive while preventing any damage critters might cause. We believe that a catch and release method is the best way to remove animals without hurting them.

If beavers or any other wildlife animals are damaging your property and you want to remove them in a safe, quick, reliable, humane way, contact Precision Predator Removal today! We offer 24/7 services and guarantee permanent wildlife animal removal.