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Invasive Wild Hogs in Upstate SC to Watch Out For

Invasive Wild Hogs in Upstate SC to Watch Out For

Wild Hogs in Upstate SC

Do you know what types of wildlife live in your area? While searching and learning about the various wildlife animals that surround you, you may find it interesting, but do you realize your knowledge may serve as a safety mechanism.

In South Carolina, several harmful wild animals roam wild. Add wild hogs to this list!

Understanding these animals can help you avoid them and stay safe.

Keep reading to learn more about wild hogs in upstate SC. Note, these wild animals are also often referred to as wild boars and feral hogs.

Are There Wild Boars In South Carolina?

You probably want to know, are there wild boars in South Carolina for real?

Yes, there are wild hogs in this state. But why are feral hogs able to survive in South Carolina?

Spanish explorers released these creatures into the wild way back in the 1500s. They used to live in a very contained area, but over time continued spreading around the globe. These creatures adapt to their surroundings very well, allowing them to thrive in most spaces they enter, including SC.

Signs of Wild Hogs

If you live in an area prone to visits from these predators, keep an eye out for signs. Watch for:

  • Piles of irregularly shaped scat
  • Oval cuts into tall grass for nesting or moving undetected
  • Cloved hoove tracks in mud with signs of trampeling
  • Boar body sized depressions in muddy areas

You might simply spot one, which deserves attention.

Are They Dangerous

Wild hogs can pose a threat to your safety. An adult boar may average 5 to 6 feet in length and weigh anywhere from 150 to 220 pounds. This makes them a formidable force.

If a human gets too close, these creatures will attack by charging them to the ground to gain power. Once they get their victim to the ground, these animals may bite or kick with their cloven hooves. They may also use their tusks as weapons.

You can get very hurt, especially if the wild pig gets you onto the ground. Some people even die from these attacks.

How to Survive an Encounter

It is always best to avoid ending up alone near a wild hog. But, if this does happen despite efforts not to, remain calm. Animals sense fear, and it will turn them fearful as well, making an attack more likely.

Keep away and never turn your back to the animal. Vigilance will help you act quickly if necessary.

If you can climb to higher ground, like up a tree or on a vehicle. They cannot climb, but they do run fast, so only attempt this if nearby.

In the case that you get attacked, stay grounded as not to lose your footing. Sidestep tusk swings if you can, but not at the risk of falling. Instead, fight back while screaming to scare them away or at least attract help.

Call for Predator Removal

Hopefully, you avoid the attack if you do run into one of these creatures. Remember to keep your distance and call for expert feral hog removal once you reach safety.

Allowing them to run off without a call can put others at risk. So this situation should be quickly and appropriately dealt with.

Avoid Wild Hogs in Upstate SC

Try your best to avoid wild hogs in upstate SC. But, understand that when an invasive species take over your homeland, you cannot always control the situation.

Do not play games with your safety and call for help if you suspect these animals visit your property. If you notice signs, contact Precision Predator & Wildlife Control, LLC for an inspection.