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Moles are burrowing mammals that can cause a significant amount of damage to properties as they dig deep, typically ten inches, to make their tunnels. They also scan the surface of the ground when they are searching for a mate.

Moles are active all year long, but they are mainly active during the Spring and Fall. As they dig to make their tunnels, the volcanic-shaped mounds they create can cause grassroots to become dislodged, causing the grass to die and lawns to become unruly and patchy. Moles can undoubtedly ruin a beautiful landscape.

Moles eat earthworms and insects that live underground. You may have long gaps between mole mounds. This does not mean your mole problem is not a reason for concern. The infestation will continue to grow as moles will rarely leave unless they are deprived of their food sources.

Professional trapping techniques are the most effective means of removing and controlling moles. However, trapping moles can be challenging for any property owner, so it is best to leave it to experienced mole trapping professionals.

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