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Opossums are the only marsupial mammals native to the United States. Opossums are nocturnal, so they are rarely seen during the day. Females carry their young in their pouches. Opossums feed on grass, insects, fish, small mammals, and dead animals.

These animals pose little direct threat to people and pets; they rarely bite or attack unless they are provoked. They generally will play dead when they feel threatened.

However, they can do significant damage to the underneath of the home’s foundation and other buildings. In addition, they enter attics, causing damage and posing a health threat, as we will discuss further below. Also, opossums can carry parasites like ticks and fleas, which can be a problem.

The solution to getting rid of an opossum problem is providing safe and effective trapping removal and prevention techniques so they cannot return. It is not recommended to remove them yourself as you could put yourself and the opossum in unnecessary danger.

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If there is damage to the foundation of a structural building or in the attic, it is crucial to get the damage fixed immediately and stop the opossum infestation. The damage they can do in attics can cause a fire and more.


  • Opossums cause damage to attics and under structural foundations.
  • The most eminent damage is the excretion and deposition of large amounts of waste materials, urine and feces, in the attic.
  • The opossums waste material has a foul odor and can bring disease to those who inhale or touch it.
  • They typically get their nesting materials from the attic as they destroy it. 
  • While in the attic, opossums tend to tear up air ducts. They use their sharp teeth and claws to break and tear the air ducts and everything around them.
  • In attics, they also damage electric wires and insulators. 


At Precision Predator Removal, we know the proper techniques for removing opossums from attics and properties. Opossums must be allowed to exit before any sealing off can be done. If not, they will cause further damage.

One must know that opossums are capable of inhabiting the entire attic; therefore, using the proper trapping techniques is vital. Trying to remove them yourself may not be an easy task, and they can quite possibly return.

We also offer clean-up of the hazardous waste they have left and will repair any damage they have done.

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