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Precision Predator provides long-term solutions which decrease rodent populations by mitigating reproduction.

We strategically install EPA registered contraceptive bait trays near rodent foraging locations that are safe and away from people, pets and other predators.

The bait in the trays comprises two active ingredients; 4-vinyl cyclohexene diepoxide (VCD) and triptolide, which helps to decrease female reproduction and lower the birth rate.

Rodents love it! The mix is a liquid formula high in fat and tastes sweet, which rodents like. In addition, the formula is registered with the EPA. It is a non-lethal rodenticide/ pesticide that does not bioaccumulate. It does not disrupt the endocrine system and the effects are reversible.

Rodent Pest Control Features and Benefits

  • The liquid bait has a sweet taste and a high-fat content.
  • Upon consumption, the active ingredients are metabolized, and fertility is quickly impacted.
  • Repeated consumption leads to decreased fertility.
  • The bait tray is tamper-resistant.
  • There is minimal risk to non-target species and predators.
  • Installation of the trays depends on the rodent pest control objectives.

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At Precision Predator Removal, it is always our ultimate goal to remove and control pests in the safest way possible. They can truly be an annoyance and with them comes disease.

We now offer this green technique to control rodents safely and effectively. 

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Rodent Pest Control

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