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Should I Worry About a Raccoon in My Yard?

Should I Worry About a Raccoon in My Yard?

Raccoons have become pretty comfortable in urban and suburban settings, especially when the weather gets colder and food becomes scarce. However, seeing a raccoon on your property can be startling. Most people ask themselves, “Should I worry about a raccoon in my yard, or am I overthinking things?”

In most cases, you should not allow raccoons to roam your yard with impunity. If it becomes a repeat occurrence, then it could be risky. Read on for a quick guide on when to worry about a raccoon in your yard.

Understanding Raccoon Behavior

Before you think about if you should you get rid of raccoons, it’s best to understand their behavior. Raccoons are nocturnal, meaning they are most active during the night. It isn’t uncommon to see raccoons scavenging for food during the day.

Most of the time, you’ll see them in your backyard at night. They come into your yard to search for food and shelter and not to cause deliberate harm to you or your pets. A wild raccoon is not always dangerous and is not always rabid.

That said, raccoons are still wild animals. They will attack if cornered and could spread disease or rabies. It isn’t advisable to ignore them if they become frequent visitors or unwanted guests.

So, what to do when you see raccoons in your yard? It is not worth taking the risk yourself. This is why wildlife management services are an excellent alternative.

Why Raccoons Are Bad for Your Yard

Although raccoons aren’t usually dangerous by themselves, it would be naïve to say they don’t pose risks. A raccoon infestation can quickly get out of hand if you let it.

These nocturnal pests can set up shop under your deck or stairs. In search of warmth and shelter, they can cause damage to your home as they dig and scratch their way in. If they get comfortable, they’ll transfer their litter to your property.

Raccoons can spread illness, and not only via stray rabies bites. Their feces can contain diseases, which can spread to pets and humans.

They can do significant damage to gardens and fruit trees. Raccoons always dig through your trash, leaving a massive mess for you to clean up. Raccoons in your yard can leave enough mess to attract more dangerous animals, like bears.

Should You Get Rid of Raccoons?

Raccoons don’t mean to be a nuisance for you or your yard. They are only trying to survive the best they can. Unfortunately, there’s too must risk involved in leaving them alone.

Raccoons are pretty mostly solitary animals but will sometimes travel in small groups. They will spread the word that your yard is fair game with good food, and no one bothers them. If you see raccoons on your property, secure your food and garbage, and note how many there are and how often they return.

Should I Worry About a Raccoon in My Yard?

Should I worry about a raccoon in my yard? The answer depends on a few factors. Raccoons are mostly harmless, but it’s best not to let them linger in or near your property for too long.

If you have a raccoon problem, it is advisable to contact us at Precision Predator. We have the experience and skill to deal with your pest and wildlife problems efficiently and humanely. Contact Precision Predator today.