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Are you aware that skunks are one of the most docile mammals, and they use their foul odored spray only when they feel threatened? Can you believe the juvenile skunks are even more docile than the adults?

Although skunks are a primary rabies vector species in South Carolina, the reported cases are few.

As many of us do not want to contract rabies from a wild animal, our primary concern is getting sprayed by one when we think of skunks.

So why do we find skunks around our homes? Well, the answer is, they are searching for food. They will dig in lawns looking for berries and grubs and get into the garbage. Skunks will find shelter in easy-to-access areas under homes, buildings, sheds and decks.

Below is a guide to prevent and remove skunks. 

    • Remove elements around the area that may be attracting them.
    • Keep garbage bags and cans adequately sealed.
    • Close any possible entry points to underground spaces.
    • Focus on finding the reason and the point of access to get rid of the skunks for good successfully. 
    • A DIY can lead to foul odors that are difficult and potentially expensive to remove.
    • Get professional skunk removal services to protect against any adverse effects that can occur.

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Skunks are primarily nocturnal and forage at night for food. They eat insects, plants and animal matter. They mostly sleep during the day in underground dens, often dug by other animals they do come out.

Getting rid of skunks can be tricky due to their ability to spray, leaving a bad odor. You can find products such as mothball-based or urine-based repellents, but they do not work efficiently. The high-pitched noisemakers, called ultrasonic sound emitters, also do not work. Unfortunately, there is no easy DIY fix.

For the best solution to get rid of a skunk problem. contact a professional skunk removal company such as the Precision Predator. We will provide the proper trapping techniques necessary to remove the skunks safely, effectively and odor-free.

Skunk Removal And Control

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