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7 South Carolina General Wildlife Prevention Tips

7 South Carolina General Wildlife Prevention Tips

South Carolina General Wildlife Prevention Tips

After major hazards such as flooding, it’s often easy for wild animals to enter homes and living areas. The CDC recommends avoiding wild or stray animals to protect yourself against insect and animal-related hazards after a disaster. But what happens if there’s no disaster, but animals still enter your home.

This is often the case in South Carolina, which has over 1200 species of wildlife. However, avoiding them may not be so easy. Dealing with South Carolina wildlife is a natural part of living in the state.

Following these seven wildlife prevention tips can help safeguard you and your family. Read on to learn what they are. You’ll also learn about a company that is the expert for SC nuisance wildlife removal.

The Dangers of South Carolina Wildlife

Wildlife prevention strategies constitute a significant part of wildlife safety. Many animals that can invade your South Carolina home can harm you and your family. 

Bat droppings are toxic to humans. Bats can also have rabies and parasites. Birds can also spread diseases through their droppings and waste. 

The last thing you want is dangerous insects to build nests in your home. Hornets, bees, and wasps can sting. They often build their nests in wall cavities that can eventually cause damage to your home.

Once any of these animals find a way into your home, the destruction can be extensive and devastating.

7 Wildlife Prevention Tips

One way to ensure wildlife control is through wildlife prevention methods. However, despite these measures, animals may still enter your home. But before there’s a need for that, try to:

Inspect Your Home 

Inspecting your home will reveal any possible points of entry. These can be openings in your roof, attic, or basement. Once you’re aware of these, you can take measures to secure them.

Secure Openings Around Your Home

Attic vents and exhaust fan openings are perfect for smaller animals such as bats to enter your home. Cover these along with the tops of window wells. You should also replace any loose weather stripping or loose mortar.

Store Food Securely

Store food placed on your countertops in airtight containers. This includes pet food. Keep dog bowls inside, especially when they contain food.

Don’t overlook discarded food either. Secure and dispose of garbage that contains food regularly. 

Maintain Your Trees

Trees in your yard can be access points for unwanted animals. Cut tree limbs to ensure they’re away from your roofline. Pick the fruit regularly or dispose of ripe or fallen fruit if you have fruit trees.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Attics, basements, and crawl spaces can become damp. This can be a haven for certain animals. Keep these areas well-ventilated and dry. Also, inspect your roof for water damage.

Make Your Yard Less Attractive

Unfortunately, there are certain types of plants that nuisance wildlife finds attractive. So be careful when planning your landscape. The type of fencing you choose can also play a role in keeping them out.

Call an Expert When Dealing with Wildlife

A wildlife removal company can inspect your home. They can also help you with prevention strategies. But, of course, they’re also who you call if animals invade your home.

But ensure they provide removal services for the type of animal you’ve encountered. Many provide 24/7 service. They also offer follow-ups to inspect your home after completing removal. 

The Best SC Nuisance Wildlife Removal Company

Implementing wildlife prevention strategies can ensure you spend little or no time dealing with wildlife in your home. However, with the wide variety of species in South Carolina, wildlife may be hard to avoid. Contact the best SC nuisance wildlife removal company if you find yourself in this predicament.

The experts at Precision Predator have over 20 years of experience in wildlife removal. We can help keep your home safe. Schedule an inspection today!