Precision Predator offers a wide range of solutions to tackle any insect in Honea Path, Greenwood, and Mauldin, SC as well as throughout Upstate SC.

Honeybees, or Bees choose to live in places that are dark and offer shelter from wind and rain.

Hollow trees work well, but so do walls. If bees can get inside a wall they will use the wall cavity to build up their honeycomb and fill it with honey. If this continues for very long, the weight of the honey can eventually collapse a Sheetrock wall or, if it gets hot, the wax will soften and melt and the honey will run down the wall and onto the floor and carpet.

Bees also are attracted to the small openings at roofs' edges and may build up their colonies inside an attic.

Honeybees are not particularly aggressive, but the likelihood of being stung increases when they are in close proximity; colonies usually number in the tens of thousands. This risk is particularly dangerous for people and pets that are allergic to bee stings.

If the bees are Africanized, which is becoming more common in the United States, then they will be very aggressive and bee extermination is necessary. Bee removal is not for the faint-hearted; bee buzzing can be very unnerving and if bees feel threatened they will attack in a coordinated manner.

Our professionals can remove bees and perform the necessary maintenance and repairs to prevent another colony from occupying the same space.

Insects will enter your home on the backs of any pest animal or bird that comes there. If you have an animal or bird infestation, then not only must the larger animal or bird be removed but insect control measures must also be taken.

Ticks, mites, fleas and flies are common insects that accompany larger animal problems, but there are many others. If you have a dead animal or bird in your building, the accompanying maggot and insect problem could be quite serious.

Our technicians have effective treatments for this purpose; they can remove the bugs, sanitize, and deodorize if necessary.

Our products are derived from naturally existing substances and are safe for human contact