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What Attracts Crickets in the House?

What Attracts Crickets in the House?

Why Am I Suddenly Finding Crickets In The House?

Have you been hearing any chirping sounds at night? It can be a sign of cricket infestation! Spring is right around the corner, which is the time when cricket eggs start to hatch.

Crickets are pretty comfortable spending their time outside, but they will sometimes nest in human homes. So, what attracts crickets in the house? Can you prevent it?

Read on to discover the reason behind finding crickets in the house and a cricket infestation!

1. Shelter

When winter nears, crickets start looking for a safe place to escape the cold.

Crickets can enter homes through crevices and cracks. They are also nocturnal animals, making it hard to track their activities. They only come out of their hideouts at night to look for food.

Crickets sometimes hide under furniture and appliances. As long as these areas offer them food, these pests can survive. When an infestation starts, call an exterminator to prevent severe damage.

2. Food Sources

Like any other pest, food sources can attract these insects to your property. These pests are omnivorous, which means they have more snacking options. Crickets will be more attracted to your home with a plentiful food supply.

When outside, these pests typically feed on plants and other insects. If you have a garden, there’s a high chance that crickets live in your home. Crickets also like to feed on paper and fabric.

One tell-tale sign of a cricket infestation is finding chewed-up fabric and paper edges. With this, check areas in your home that stores these things, such as office and living spaces.

3. Moisture

What time of year are crickets most active? Despite enjoying the warmth of summer, these insects prefer to live in moist areas as it is crucial to their survival. That’s why crickets are most active in August and September when the temperature cools.

The cooler the air, the higher the humidity. If you live in an area with high humidity, your home becomes attractive to crickets.

Using a dehumidifier can help you make your home less attractive to crickets. Keep an eye out for leaky pipes and get them repaired if needed. Conducting a reliable pest control company such as Precision Pest Control for year-round pest control services stops further invasion.

4. Bright Lights

Have you ever wondered, “why am I suddenly finding crickets in my house?” Although nocturnal, crickets cannot see well in the dark. This makes them attracted to bright lights as they help navigate.

Having any outdoor lighting can lead these insects to your home.

Crickets often flock together to light sources. If the crickets find entry points, they can get inside without problems. Next thing you know, they begin to infest your home and cause trouble.

Prevent this by changing your white lights to yellow lights. Doing so can deter their activities.

What Attracts Crickets in the House? Everything You Need to Know

What attracts crickets in the house? Bright lights and accessible entry points can leave your home vulnerable to a cricket infestation.

Crickets can be challenging to deal with, so it’s best to leave them in the hands of professionals. Precision Pest and Wildlife Removal offers reliable pest control services to your doorstep. Contact Precision Pest and Wildlife Removal here!