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What Season Do Bees Come Out?

What Season Do Bees Come Out?

As of 2023, there are almost 100 million managed beehives worldwide. With that many bees buzzing around, it’s not hard to question what season are bees most active. Many different factors affect when bees become active and leave the hive, from species to seasons to climate.

In this article, we answer the question, “What season do bees come out?” and cover every pattern of activity bees follow.

So what season do bees come out? Continue to read to learn more.

What Season Do Bees Come Out?

Bee season relies on the temperature and climate of the area, as well as the blooming patterns of flowers.

What temperature do bees come out at? As temperature rise during early spring, bees will start to come out of their hives to forage and look for nectar and pollen.

Aside from the temperature, you may ask, “what month do bees come out?” or “what season are bees out most?”

Bees will stay inside their nests from January to March and conserve energy. Come April, as the first flowers start to bloom, the bees will start to come out to forage. In the following months, the hive will have collected an abundance of nectar and pollen, which means that the hive population will increase.

Swarming occurs from May to July when they are most active. This is when honey harvesting starts and nectar collection is at its highest. During late spring or early summer, the bees will huddle around the hive to cool it down as the climate gets hotter.

Approaching the end of summer, the bees will become more defensive of their hives to ensure they have enough resources stored for winter. The colony size dwindles as the climate gets colder, and drones disappear. The queen stops laying eggs, and during September, the bee season comes to its official end.

What Season Do Bees Come Out

Do Bees Hibernate?

Although it looks like it, bees do not hibernate; instead, they go dormant and stay very still to conserve heat during the winter. You will hardly see any activity, with the bees almost entirely stopping.

The hive will have stored enough food to last till the following season. To avoid freezing, the bees will vibrate or shiver to generate heat if it gets too cold. They will also form tight clusters to trap warm air from escaping the hive.

The Daily Cycle of Bees

During bee season, bees will have a set schedule and follow the same daily routine.

When do bees come out during the day?

Bees are not nocturnal animals, so they come out early in the morning, from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., depending on the temperatures. They will then spend the rest of the day collecting nectar and pollen and returning it to the hive.

Once it starts to get dark, usually around 7 p.m., the bees will return to the hive. During the night, the bees stay hidden and focus on hive upkeep and sleep. Then when the sun comes out, they repeat the process all over again.

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Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem, and it’s best to learn all you can about them if you’re thinking about keeping and caring for bees. After reading this article, we hope we’ve answered the question, “What season do bees come out?”

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