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What To Know About Coyotes in South Carolina

What To Know About Coyotes in South Carolina

Coyotes have been roaming around South Carolina for the past 30 years. So, if you think you’ve seen one, you may be correct.

But perhaps you’re wondering: how common are coyotes in South Carolina? We’re here to tell you your chances of spotting a coyote and what to do if you find one in your yard.

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How Common Are Coyotes in South Carolina?

Coyotes arrived in upstate South Carolina around 1978 and have been seen in all 46 counties since. 

They’re so popular here that even with hunters removing around 30,000 per year, they still exist in many SC areas.

Do Coyotes Live in South Carolina?

While coyotes are not native to the state, they are here and here to stay as multiple sightings continue to be reported.

news article released last year warned beachgoers to keep on the lookout for them.

Here are some recent reports of incidents involving coyotes in South Carolina:

  • 12 were noticed in April 2021 in comparison to only one the year before
  • In September 2020, four attacks on campers occurred near Jacksonville
  • A father and daughter ended up in hospital after an attack in Dave County in 2018
  • A worker from an advertising firm spotted one on set in December 2019 in Colombia

So, are coyotes dangerous? The answer is clearly yes! Therefore, you don’t want to get too close to them.

Should I Be Worried About Coyotes in My Yard?

One big problem with coyotes is that they’re finding their way to residential areas, making it into yards. But the question is: does this happen, and how often and how likely is it to happen to you?

The truth is that while many of them are roaming around, never let your guard down. They could be lurking on your property! First, however, it’s essential to know some of the main reasons why coyotes become attracted to your home. 

You might find them lurking:

  • In search of food or water
  • In the hope of shelter
  • Because your pets run free

To reduce your risk of coyotes in SC on your property, never feed your pets outdoors and keep their water bowls inside. Also, reduce food waste and close your trash cans after use, as these can lure coyotes in.

Coyotes might come in search of prey if you have chickens or rabbits that are kept outside. Cats, dogs, and other pets should be indoors as much as possible to avoid any threat and keep an eye on them when outdoors.

How Do I Get Rid of Coyotes in South Carolina?

Your local wildlife animal control company can help you eliminate coyotes if you see them around.

At Precision Predator Removal, our expert wildlife removal services cover coyotes amongst many other animals. Here’s what we do to keep them away:

  • Find their entry point
  • Clean up feces and other waste left that could lead to disease
  • Fix any damages these beasts have caused
  • Seal off access with suitable materials to stop them from returning

Who to Call to Get Rid of Coyotes in South Carolina

Here, we’ve answered a question that might be on your mind: how common are coyotes in South Carolina? Of course, now you know they are many.

If you spot a coyote, have no fear – we’ll help you protect yourself, your family, and your pets by removing them humanely.

Feel free to call the Precision Predator Removal company for any wildlife and rodent problems you have. Our team of experts is ready and prepared to take care of any nuisance wildlife animals whenever you need us to!