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Who To Call To Remove Bats in SC?

Who To Call To Remove Bats in SC?

Who Do I Call to Remove Bats in SC?

There are 47 known species of bats in the United States. You’ll find 14 of them in South Carolina and they’re all considered protected species.

Although this fact might be disconcerting, South Carolina bats help the state’s economy. They help control the population of forest and crop pests. This eliminates the need for pesticides.

But if you’re a homeowner dealing with their droppings or guano, this is of little consolation. So, who do you call to remove bats in SC? The simple answer is a company experienced in nuisance wildlife control. 

However, wildlife removal of protected species isn’t always straightforward. Read on to learn how a bat removal specialist can help when it comes to removing bats from your home or business in South Carolina.

Who to Call to Remove Bats in SC?

Bats in South Carolina are protected on public lands. These include any lands owned by either Federal or State agencies. However, the same also applies if they’re found at a private residence such as your home. 

Killing any species of bat is illegal. Mainly because there is no safe way to exterminate them in the United States. It’s the reason why if you have bats in your home, you need to hire a bat removal specialist.

They use specific exclusion techniques to help remove them. These are very different from those used to remove other types of household pests. Hiring a company with experience moving bats, such as Precision Predator Removal, ensures it’s done correctly and carefully.  

The Importance of a Bat Removal Specialist

You might believe that moving bats might simply entail a DIY solution. One that is similar to the removal of other creatures that may invade your home. But this is far from the truth. It’s also strongly advised that you leave this to a professional because:

  • Bats can have rabies
  • Their droppings can cause the lung infection histoplasmosis
  • Their droppings can also degrade the structure of your home
  • There are severe fines if they’re removed during maternity season

A bat removal expert will know all this and more. They will begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your home. This helps them identify how and where the bats are entering your home. 

They will then decide the best exclusion technique to use. This should help prevent any future invasions. Companies like Precision Predator Removal provide attic restoration. They also do a thorough cleanup of the location to make the area safe again.

Making Nuisance Wildlife Control and Wildlife Removal Easy

Both nuisance wildlife control and wildlife removal are specialty services. They require specific training and skills. These skills are more important than ever when it comes to bat removal. 

It’s important to remember this, especially if you’re asked Who do you call to remove bats in SC? A bat removal specialist has the skills needed to successfully remove bats from your home. But not just any company will do.

Precision Predator Removal is the bat removal specialist to call in South Carolina. We adhere to the guidelines outlined for the removal of a protected species. We also ensure we eliminate your problem, starting from inspection to attic restoration. Schedule an inspection with us today!