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4 Skunk Control & Safe Removal Tips

4 Skunk Control & Safe Removal Tips

Although they’re non-aggressive, skunks can pose risks and problems. These shy animals can carry rabies and pass on diseases like hepatitis and tularemia; therefore, considering skunk control with safe removal tips is necessary.

Of course, no one can forget the nasty odor they produce! Skunks spray on anyone when they feel threatened, which makes skunk removal a tricky business.

Are you wondering how you can get rid of skunks without getting sprayed? Read on to discover some skunk control tips to help safely remove skunks from your home.

1. Remove Food Sources

Regarding food, skunks eat anything from insects to plants and garbage. Start by removing all possible food sources.

Look around your yard for food sources that attract skunks. If you find your garbage cans tipped, consider buying new ones with tight-fitting lids. Place them in a secure area where skunks cannot ransack them.

Cover pet and bird food, too. Always bring the containers back inside when feeding your pets outside because those attract skunks. Mowing your lawn regularly also helps to keep insects away.

2. Use Skunk Repellents

Skunks love to dig and make holes for their dens. While it may not seem like a big deal, these pits become hazards after some time.

So, what’s the best skunk control method to prevent them from making dens? Using a repellent can deter these animals from coming into your property. The product holds a strong scent which the skunks dislike.

You can choose between a spray or granules regarding skunk repellents. Use this repellent on bins and other areas in your home that may be attractive to a wild skunk.

But you must know that some sprays and other repellents are not recommended if you have pets and small children, as they can be toxic.

3. Build a Fence Around Your Property

It’s true when people say prevention is better than cure. Instead of waiting for skunks to cause trouble on your property, it’s best to stop them before they can. A fence is an effective pest control method for keeping skunks away.

When building a fence, use a durable PVC garden mesh. It can secure your home and prevent any animals from getting inside. As mentioned, skunks love to dig and burrow in the ground, so extend your fence, so it goes at least a foot underground.

4. Call for a Skunk Control and Removal Service

If you see a skunk wandering around your property, it’s best not to engage with it. A skunk’s spray is not only smelly. If it gets in your eyes, it can cause severe short-term irritation and even temporary blindness.

That lone skunk you see may also be a mother of a litter. You may not want to harm the skunks, but they may still see you as a threat.

That’s why it’s best to hire a skunk removal service. Animal control services use a trap to catch the animals and release them away from your home safely and humanely.

Effective and Humane Skunk Removal Techniques

Skunks are pretty harmless, but that doesn’t mean you should welcome them into your home. Fencing your property and limiting food sources will help with skunk control. However, if you have skunks around your home, it’s best to call a skunk removal service.

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