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5 Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Property

5 Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Property

How To Keep Snakes Away

Do you have snakes on your property? Are you wondering how to keep snakes away?

First, let’s start by asking, “are you aware there are six dangerous venomous snakes in South Carolina?

As many snakes are harmless, these six are dangerous and pose a severe health risk to humans and pets.

This article addresses five easy ways to limit the chances of snakes appearing on your property. But, it is vital to note that if these tips do not work and you see a snake, call a professional for removal so as not to put yourself, your family, friends and pets at risk.

Whether you live in the city, the suburbs, or out in the country, snakes are a fact of life in South Carolina.

Here are five ways to encourage them to go elsewhere without you having to encounter them yourself. 

1. Get Rid of the Prey

Snakes are predators. While this sounds like an obvious statement, it’s one that few people think of when it comes to getting rid of them. If the snake doesn’t find any of its usual prey, be it birds, mice or bugs, it will not waste the energy sticking around your house. By removing uninvited prey the likelihood of snakes hanging around is low.

2. Work Around the Yard 

Snakes hunt for their prey that takes up residency in tall grass. Keeping your grass cut, not only keeps pests away but snakes as well since you have limited their hunting areas.

Installing fencing 4 feet into the ground and 3 feet high will stop pests such as mice, rats or rabbits from burrowing onto the property and the snakes following after. 

3. Remove the Clutter

Snakes like nesting in dark areas. Things like log piles, leaf litter, grass clippings are a natural draw for them.

Find a better way to store your logs, or get rid of the detritus of your yard, and you’ll be one step closer to running a snake off. Much like having a lack of prey, if they don’t have somewhere nearby to nest, your yard looks much less attractive to them

4. Use a Snake Barrier

Snakes follow scent trails when they’re hunting for their prey. They also use scents when avoiding their own predators. You can use this to your advantage by using a snake barrier. Some of the most common ones are fox and coyote urine or a mix of sulfur and rock salt.

Whether you make or buy your barrier, spread it around the area you want to block off, and keep an eye out. While there is no guarantee this will work, it is a commonly used and advised method that people seem to swear by. 

5. Bring in a Predator

Last but not least, if nothing else on this list has worked for you, bring in a predator. This doesn’t have to mean bringing in something dangerous to your home. It can be as simple as purchasing some guinea fowl or peafowl.  By bringing in a predator, not only are you protecting your home or yard, but you’re also getting rid of bugs.

Get Additional Help To Remove and Keep Snakes Away

Having a snake show up on your porch or in your yard can be dangerous if it is a venomous one.

As you can apply some steps from the list above, none of them is a guarantee that snakes will not take up residence on your property.

If you see a snake, be safe and contact the Precision Predator Removal company for professional snake removal services. Remember, a venomous snake can be fatal.

Click here to contact Precision Predator Removal or feel free to give us a call. Let us help you to keep snakes away.