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Difference Between Pest Control & Wildlife Animal Control

Difference Between Pest Control & Wildlife Animal Control

What is Animal Control? Pest Control vs. Wildlife Animal Control

Discover South Carolina‘s website has a list of animals you may encounter in the state. But it’s not the type of encounter you might be thinking of. The list includes the Myrtle Beach Safari and a seat turtle hospital tour.

All are optional. Also, if you do choose to do any of these activities, they’re more or less controlled.

But what about an unplanned wildlife encounter? The likelihood of this is great in South Carolina due to the thousands of wildlife species that inhabit the state. 

You may have already had to deal with some of them in and around your home. If so, did you know who to call? Knowing the difference between wildlife animal control and pest control can help. 

What is animal control? This article helps to define this as well as pest control. Read on to learn the difference between the two.

What is Animal Control?

Animal or wildlife control is usually provided by state or government agencies. Their primary role is to enforce laws or ordinances. These include:

  • Controlling
  • Impounding
  • Disposing of animals

However, this usually pertains to domesticated animals.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources handles issues with wild animals. But this solely involves monitoring wildlife and keeping invasive species in check.

You are responsible for the wildlife control in and around your property. You’ll also need to handle any associated damage. The good news is that there are private companies that provide these services.

What Does Animal Control Do?

Some of the services provided by state animal control agencies include:

  • Vaccination drives
  • Population control through sterilization
  • Temporary pet shelters
  • Investigation of rabies threats and dog bite incidences
  • Protection of pets from abuse
  • Handling of aggressive dog complaints or rabid animals

Knowing this can help you determine when to call animal control. You can also consider using their services for your animals. You can access low-cost vaccination alternatives through them.

Maybe you’re looking to adopt a pet? They can assist. Once you welcome them into your home, you can have them spayed or neutered at an animal control agency.

What is Pest Control?

Pest control may also pertain to some species of wildlife. These usually involve smaller animals. But regardless of size, a pest is any animal that can invade your home. They may be detrimental to your health or damage your home in the process. 

Pest control companies help to control and remove these animals. They can range from insects, rodents, and birds, to even groundhog problems. The smaller animals such as skunks and squirrels are pests but do fall under the wildlife category.

Pest control companies (wildlife control companies) don’t enforce the laws associated with these creatures. But they will remove protected species in a manner the law requires. They provide services such as:

  • Wildlife control and removal
  • Exclusion
  • Property management

Some companies also repair any damage to your home caused by wildlife. 

Know Who to Call

What is animal control? Now you know.

You can find most animal control agencies at the County Government Office in the city you live. This makes contacting them easy.

But there are many private wildlife control companies in the state. Do you know which to call?

When there’s an animal invasion in your home, you won’t want to delay in getting help. Have the number of an experienced wildlife removal company at your fingertips.

Don’t delay in adding Precision Predator to your contacts. We provide services that help to remove various South Carolina wildlife species. If you think one of them is in your home, call us for an inspection today!