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What To Do If You See a Coyote in Your Yard

What To Do If You See a Coyote in Your Yard

Don’t Panic: What Do You Do If You See a Coyote in Your Yard?

Coyotes are wild animals closely related to wolves. However, unlike wolves, their size ranges from small to medium, and they are found all across North America.

There is no shortage of coyotes, to the point where many people view these animals as pests and vermin. Chances are, you might spot a coyote in your yard or neighborhood.

If you do, try not to panic. There are several things to know about these creatures and when to hire coyote removal services. 

Why Are Coyotes in My Yard? 

The first thing to understand is what coyotes want from your neighborhood. There are reasons why these animals end up in rural, populated areas. For one, society is building into these animals’ habitats.

That means coyotes must adapt to their surroundings, which is something they do quite well. Since they lost much of their hunting grounds, the dogs will wander into neighborhoods in search of sources of food.

They might hunt small animals like raccoons or opossums, while others will get into your trash cans. So, if you spot a coyote in your yard, it might be looking for food.

Another reason may be that a coyote is passing through your neighbor to get back to its home. That is why you must not panic if you see a coyote where you live without further signs of trouble. 

When To Worry About Coyotes

While coyotes are usually harmless, there are instances where they pose a threat to your community. If someone approaches these animals, they may bite humans out of self-defense and fear.

Therefore, never walk up to a coyote (or any wild animal) to touch, pet, or capture it. If a coyote exhibits clear signs of aggression, you will need to call a service to come out and remove the coyote from the premises.

Another thing to watch is whether dead animals keep popping up on your street. Coyotes will prey on house cats left outside and feral cats roaming around.

Some are known to even snatch dogs right off of the leash. If this behavior is evident, you must act soon as possible. 

Advice About Coyote in Yard 

Animal removal services know how to remove coyotes from your yard without incident. These professionals will come out and capture the animals and take them far away from your neighborhood.

They can also give advice about how to keep coyotes out of your yard. For instance, you might want to build a fence or use a spray that creates an unpleasant scent. Both of which will deter the coyotes away from your house, pets, and family.

Coyote in Your Yard? Hire a Wildlife Removal Service 

As you can tell, these facts help if you want to understand why you might have a coyote in your yard. Remember, if you see one now and then, you don’t have to worry.

You should, however, keep an eye on the situation. If you notice the destruction of property or dead animals, it might be time to call coyote control services like us here at Precision Predator.

We will come out and safely remove the coyote(s). We will also try to ensure other pests do not enter your neighborhood and cause you trouble. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Precision Predator Removal today.