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There are many species of ants. However, the three most common types of ants to look out for are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants.


Carpenter ants pose a danger because they can cause structural damage to properties. In addition, if not removed and controlled, they can excavate wood, causing a big problem. 

They feed on insects such as aphids that produce honeydew. Then, they will forage outside to get into insulation and voids in attics and crawlspaces, finding a way to get in to nest. They do not feed on wood; however, they damage it while creating their nesting sites and trails to foraging arenas. The parents often have their nests outside the structures with their satellited nests located within them.

There are quite a few species of carpenter ants; however, they all have the same nesting behavior.


Odorous house ants are similar to carpenter ants, foraging on honeydew from aphids. Unlike carpenter ants, they do not cause structural damage but can be a considerable nuisance. They can be seen under wood and in landscaping debris. Shrubs, plants and trees close to structures offer easy access for odorous ants to build their foraging arenas. Therefore, keeping any structures free of contact with vegetation is essential.

As they do not cause structural damage, they are difficult to control because they multiply quickly into large numbers. In addition, they do not sting but can bite.


Pavement ants can be found under pavement and rocks. They are often referred to as “mason” ants because of their nesting behavior. They mine the soil and sand under concrete slabs, sidewalks, driveways, patios and even in basements. They can sting when a pet or person comes in close contact. For example, when a young child lays and plays on a lawn.

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As there are many species of ants, the carpenter ants, odorous house ants and pavement ants are the most cited as a nuisance and structural damage ants. But the list is quite extensive. If these or any other types of ants are plaguing your property, contact Precision Predator Removal to address the problem quickly. Ants can multiply fast, so do not wait and contact us now.

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