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Fleas are considered to be parasites and are simply a considerable annoyance. They feed on the blood of animals such as cats, dogs, and humans.

They are not considered a severe health risk to humans, but the scratching of painful flea bites can lead to infection. However, they can worsen respiratory sicknesses and cause additional health complications if they are bad. In addition, the pet you love can have an allergic reaction to flea saliva, which can cause anemia due to continuous blood loss. Fleas can consume fifteen times more than the pet’s weight in blood.

The best way to control fleas is prevention. But if an infestation does occur in your home or business, getting safe and effective treatment is crucial.

As fleas infest a home or business, they roam, dropping their flea eggs along the way on the carpet, bedding, furniture and floors. An adult flea can lay up to fifty eggs per day. That’s a lot! Consequently, when humans and pets go to these places, they pick up the fleas quickly and easily onto themselves.

Even the cleanest of spaces can become infested with fleas. So, protect yourself, your pets and the area you live and work. Contact The Precision Predator, a professional flea control and extermination company.

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The Precision Predator provides expert treatment designed to efficiently and effectively control and prevent fleas from invading your home or business in South Carolina.

Our safe techniques focus on finding the core of the pest concern and controlling Fleas from the direct source. We apply methods and treatments to minimize risks to humans, pets and the environment.

Fleas: Flea Control And Extermination

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