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Are you seeing stinging insects on your property? Do you think they are bees? You are not alone; hornets are often mistaken for bees but are a type of wasp. In addition, bald-faced hornets resemble yellow jackets except for the large white marking on their heads. In contrast, European hornets are brown and red.

To identify a hornet’s nest and the swarm of hornets around it, you will see a nest made from wood that has been chewed into pulp. They resemble paper and are commonly found more in the spring.

Hornets build their nests on window sills, awnings, gutters and other structures that provide them a ledge to build on and create their hive. Beyond homes and office buildings, they build their nests in trees.

Contacting a professional pest removal company to eliminate the nests with the hornets is critical. Their stings are not only painful but dangerous as well. They will defend their homes by releasing an attack pheromone which will trigger them to sting. Unfortunately, after they sting, they do not die like bees; they can continue to sting you and others that threaten their space.

For those who are allergic, a sting can cause anaphylactic shock, which can be life-threatening. So, if you find a nest or think you have one, contact The Precision Predator removal company immediately. Do not wait and put yourself, your family, visitors and pets at a health risk.

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