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Enjoying the fresh outdoors at a local park, through the neighborhood and beyond is enjoyed by so many. In addition, many people enjoy watching deer stroll on through their properties, as they may look beautiful; unfortunately, they can bring an extremely debilitating disease known as Lyme.

There are several types of ticks; black-legged tick, lone star tick, American dog tick and brown dog tick. The black-legged is the transmitter of Lyme disease.

Ticks can be found in leaf litter, tall grass and bushes, wood chips, and just about anywhere. Ticks rest on these objects in a questing position until they find a host. Ticks find hosts by sensing the animal’s body heat, moisture, odors and breath. When a host comes close, the tick will climb aboard. At times they will attach quickly to the host, while at other times, they may wander to other parts of the body like the ear.

They will now feed on their host and transmit the pathogens that cause disease.

Due to the risks of ticks, it is highly recommended to protect your property and yourself when strolling in the woods, tall grass and other places they can be.

Spraying early season for tick control and contacting a tick extermination company is vital for the safety of all; children, teens, adults and pets. Precision Predator Removal is the company you can trust to provide environmentally friendly tick control treatments and extermination services.

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