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Do you think those nasty little stinging insects flying around your property are yellow jackets? Or perhaps you need to find out which type of bees they are.

These stinging insects are often mistaken for bees. They measure approximately ten to sixteen mm in length and are primarily black and yellow, with some having a white and black coloration. Unlike the bee, its waist is thinner and more defined. In addition, they have elongated wings that are the length of their body and fold when at rest.

Yellow jackets are a highly aggressive stinging pest. This is why it is crucial to identify them correctly and have them removed professionally and quickly.

Many of their nests are commonly found in low-hanging branches and bushes. While many are ground nesters, their nests can be found in man-made structures like sidewalk cracks, house siding, porches and other.

The queen begins her small paper nest, where she lays her first eggs. Colonies can contain 1,000 or more. They feed on grubs, caterpillars and other insects and enjoy sweet substances such as tree sap and fruit. But, unfortunately, they are attracted to garbage with sweets and meats.

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As there are various types of yellow jackets, an expert yellow jacket removal company is needed to identify the different types and provide the most effective way to manage and get rid of them.

Precision Predator Removal uses a specialized approach to manage yellow jackets by their unique behaviors and remove them with the safest methods.

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