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The Importance of Year-Round Pest Control

The Importance of Year-Round Pest Control

Guide To Year-Round Pest Control

Many wildlife species hibernate or hunker down in the winter. This can relieve homeowners who worry about snakes, wasps, fire ants, and other potentially dangerous animals on their property.

South Carolina’s mild winters don’t always stop pests, however. Some will even migrate to your house so they can stay warm. Mice alone invaded over 20 million homes last winter.

Year-round pest control is key to stopping these unwelcome houseguests in their tracks. Read on to learn all about this vital pest control strategy.

Why Pest Control is Important Year Round

The best pest control is proactive, not reactive if you respond to unwanted creatures crawling around your home.

Winter pest infestations to watch for include:

These opportunistic creatures love getting cozy in and around your house when the cold sets in. A small infestation can also explode when spring temps start warming up. The mouse you see scurrying around can quickly turn into over 100 mice.

You may feel sympathy for the cuter ones, like raccoons and opossums. But you don’t do them or yourself any favors by letting them live too close.

Raccoons can carry diseases like rabies, and both mammals can damage your yard and your house. Too much human or pet food can also cause them to become obese and vulnerable to health issues and predators.

Pest Control Tips

It may be tempting to attempt DIY pest removal. However, this is rarely the safest, most effective, or most ethical option. You can also inadvertently violate environmental laws. 

A professional pest control company will know how to remove pests without harming the local environment or ecology. They can also safely apply chemical pest control methods so it doesn’t harm you, your kids, and/or your pets.

Professional pest control services will assess your home and any unwanted houseguest hidey-hole(s). They then strategize the best and most humane treatment plan for your pest infestation situation.

This can include both pest control and wildlife removal. Pest control services will also seal up and safeguard your home against further invasions.

Finding the Best Pest Control Service

A first-rate pest control company doesn’t have to be difficult to find. Look for:

  • Proper licensing and certificates
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Experience
  • Knowledge of local environment and regulations
  • Respect for ecology
  • Satisfied reviews

Big-name companies like to cut corners to inflate their profits, so watch out! This includes using watered-down products or inefficient exclusion and repairs. 

Local and family-owned companies can give you the personalized service and quality you deserve. They value satisfied customers over corporate drifting.

Start Your Top-Quality Year-Round Pest Control Today!

Year-round pest control is critical to keeping pest infestations from your home. A premium pest control company will help manage unwanted wildlife and pests safely and humanely.

The expert professional team at Precision Predator Removal offers over 20 years of experience in pest and wildlife services. No job or creature is too big or too small for our expertise. Schedule your inspection with us today!