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How to Get Rid of Animals Under the House

How to Get Rid of Animals Under the House

How to Get Rid of Animals Under the House

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About 20% of US homes have crawl spaces. It’s a gap between the underside of your home and the ground that’s wide enough for an adult to crawl under.

The required height of a crawl space is 18 inches. But there are a few that are as tall as three feet. Even at the minimum height animals can crawl throughout the space too.

Do you have a crawl space? Have you been hearing noises under your home? This is a tell-tale sign.

If while reading this you’re wondering, What kind of animal is living under my house? continue readingYou’ll learn how to get rid of animals under the house.

What Kind of Animal is Living Under My House?

South Carolina has over 1200 species of animals. Of these, only a few will burrow in your home. But this is still a few too many. Here are some types of animals that live under homes:


Raccoons love the chimney and attics of a home. But they’re also resourceful animals and not afraid to explore other areas of your house.

This includes getting comfortable in your crawl space. Unfortunately, this sometimes means using it as a den to give birth to and raise their offspring. During this time they can cause structural damage and there can be an accumulation of waste.


Where raccoons are resourceful, opossums are opportunistic. Although they use their feet to burrow in the ground, these holes aren’t usually very deep. So if they’ve entered your crawl space, it’s probably by using the holes dug by another animal.

Often, females will use your crawl space as a home base for their babies. Although they won’t cause structural damage to your home, they do cause other problems. They’ll leave behind leftover food and waste.

If one dies below your home, the smell also won’t be pleasant.


Skunks can out dig opossums. They can dig at least two feet deep. This makes it easy for them to access crawl spaces.

Their burrows can compromise the structural integrity of your home. You may not always smell their characteristic odor, but it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Other Wildlife Under My Home

The above are three of the main suspects you may find in the crawl spaces of South Carolina homes. You may also find snakes and groundhogs.

Snakes will enter in search of rodents. But they’ll often leave after having their meal. 

However, groundhogs can create tunnels as long as 45 feet and at least five feet deep. This can cause a lot of damage, starting with water damage.

How to Get Rid of Animals Under the House

Are you hearing scurrying or scratching noises below your house? Chances are there’s an animal there. You should call a company that specializes in animal removal services immediately. They will inspect your home and come up with a treatment plan. 

This will involve removing the animals and decontaminating your home. Their exclusion services will prevent them from returning. Companies like Precision Predator will also do repairs and provide property management services.

The Best Pest Control to Provide Peace of Mind

What kind of animal is living under my house? If there is one, it doesn’t matter. You now know how to get rid of animals under the house.

You need to call a wildlife removal company. One that can rid your home of animals, do repairs and ensure they don’t return.

Precision Predator can do all this and more. We have 20 years of combined experience. We’ve removed wildlife from homes across South Carolina. We can for you too! Contact us to schedule an inspection.